Occupy Wall Street - In Haiku

Occupy Wall Street
We Are 99 Percent
We Will Eat the Rich

Photo: Getty Images

That's my haiku for what seems to be the dominant financial story in America at the moment.

But my poem may not be technical enough for an economist.

The Economist is posting a contest by the Kauffman Foundation, which has asked top economic bloggers to describe their outlook through haiku (5-7-5 syllables).

The entries run the gamut from poetic, like this one from Arthur Diamond:

jobs and Jobs are gone
need more Jobs to get more jobs
innovate to grow

Ryan Avent's haiku is more political:

Double dip at bay
Despite moronic Congress
Europe sinks us all

I don't even know what Eli Dourado is talking about in this technical haiku:

Revenge of the Nerds
ZMP can't outcompete
Very small shell scripts

Finally, some are pretty funny. Here's Felix Salmon's:

No one has a job
Except econobloggers
And they're not paid much

You can vote for your favorite here.

Mine may be the one written by Glen Whitman:

Economy sucks?
New policies shake things up!
Causing more suckage

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