Tiger Woods Signs Endorsement Deal With Fuse Science

Tiger Woods will have a new company on his endorsement roster. The deal with Fuse Science, a small, public company that focuses on energy and body replenishment products in drop form, was announced in an 8-K filing on Thursday morning.

Fuse, whose parent company is Double Eagle Holdings, has patent-pending technology that it says will be able to deliver complex vitamins and medications that are put into one's mouth or rubbed on the skin.

The formulation they say, enables the product to bypass traditional methods of delivery throughout the body and enter the bloodstream directly.

"When I learned about Fuse Science's groundbreaking technology, I immediately understood that this will be a game-changer in how we live our lives every day," said Woods, in a statement.

"We will improve energy, nutrition and medication delivery in several global categories and we will enhance every athlete's ability to perform at their natural best."

The company's first product will be launching on the company's Web site later this month. Early next year, the company expects to roll out its entire line to online and to retailers.

"Beyond sports, this technology applies in so many ways," Woods said. "The long term potential is significant. To me, that's something much bigger than golf."

Woods joins Houston Texas running back Arian Foster, who the company signed to a deal last month.

Fuse is one of a group of sponsors that is betting that Woods, whose two-year anniversary of his last win comes next week, will turn around his fortunes. Woods was re-signed by Rolex, which previously had a relationship before his last watch deal with Tag Heuer. Woods' first deal post-scandal was with Kowa's Vantelin, a therapeutic heat rub made in Japan. He also has had long-term deals with Nike and Electronic Arts.

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