Steve Wozniak ID’s Top Internet Trend of Future

One of the most difficult and most profitable aspect of investing is identifying trends – and which companies stand to benefit as those trends advance.

Of course there are scores of trend forecasters out there, but in addition to analysis money pros also like to talk with the men and women of Corporate America who are currently on the front lines.

And few people are more on the frontlines than Apple Co-Founder, Fusion IO chief scientist and all American entrepreneur Steve Wozniak.

1. Top Trend

In the 1970’s, Wozniak recognized the potential of computing with his now historic Apple I computer as a machine that would make a series of tasks easier to do and faster to accomplish.

250px-Apple_I_Computer (3).jpg

And the tech visionary now says the next big trend in the industry will come from talking to a computer – specifically a handheld computer or smartphone.

”I think the big trend is being able to ask your mobile device a question you might otherwise ask a smart person and get your question answered in voice.”

In other words, he thinks technologies such as Siri, which can recognize voice commands will generate the next sea change.

”Siri is the future of computers,” Wozniak says with confidence.

We know what you're thinking. Siri has gotten a lot of buzz after the launch of Apple's new iPhone 4S and Wozniak may be talking his book. After all he holds a position in Apple.

However Wozniak tells us that's not the case; that he's been watching the trend long before Apple got involved. “I didn’t even know Apple was going to jump into it,” he says.

”The Internet is so much a part of our life – it’s huge!” And Wozniak believes, that it will only increase over time.

2. Apple

Of course the traders couldn’t talk with Wozniak and not ask him about all the recent events surrounding Apple including the earnings miss and of course the passing of Steve Jobs.

Wozniak seems to have faith that the company will continue to thrive despite the setbacks.

” I have faith in (Apple CEO) Tim Cook,” Wozniak tells us. “I like him a lot – as much as Steve Jobs – he has a good head on his shoulders.”

And Wozniak doesn’t see the company struggling despite all that’s happened.

”Apple has figured out the formula to give consumers what they want. I don’t expect that will be dramatically disturbed.”

And despite speculation that Apple might want Wozniak on the board as a link to the company’s past – Wozniak tells us, ”I’ve never been asked to join the Apple board. And I would only want to do something like that if I felt like I could help the company – it’s not something I’m pursuing.”

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