Best Books for the Holidays 2011

Tiina & Geir | Cultura | Getty Images

Each year I'm asked to put together a list of best books for our CNBC Consumer Nation Holiday Central Special.

True confession: It's my favorite assignment of the year! Favorite.

This year, readers of all ages and genres were blessed with many choices.

Some must-haves in my list include biographies of the royals (those with blue blood and those who ruled their corporate empires), books that will forever change the way you think about money (hint: being super-rich isn’t what it used to be), books that inspired this season’s most-anticipated movies, and a book that will really make you think about how you think.

I hope you enjoy my suggestions - and as always, I'm always on the hunt for great books so please keep me posted on what you're reading. Click here to see "For the Book Lover: Best Books for the Holidays 2011."

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