Is T-Mobile's “Orgy” Christmas an Accident?


It's not easy convincing consumers to sign their lives away for two years to get a cell phone contract.

It requires creative marketing.

T-Mobile thinks it's hit on a winning holiday strategy: elves and sex.

Can you hear me now?

Adweek points out the commercial, made by Publicis, promotes T-Mobile's 4G service with elves in pink hair singing, "Walking in a 4G Wonderland." Except "4G" sounds like "orgy". Accident? Maybe not? "Didn't they notice this in mixing?" writes Adweek's Rebecca Cullers. "Or maybe they did and thought, 'Hey, referencing orgies will just make it more festive!'"

I said Publicis. Heh heh.

Maybe we're reading too much into this. Turns out the top definition for "4G orgy" in the Urban Dictionary is "when a group of people (usually guys) sit around and compare cell phone features and are oblivious to anything else going on around them."

Not very sexy.

Plus, as Cullers points out, the ad is "polluted with magenta elves."

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