Restaurant Owner Plays Guitar to Drum Up Business

When the going gets rough, the tough start ... playing guitar?

That's what 50-year-old Jack Allen, owner of Pappy Jack's Bar & Grill in Austin, Texas is doing in order to drum up business.

"The money for advertising is not there, so I thought I would just be loud and crazy," he tells CNBC. He admits, "It’s a desperate measure."

He's also sleeping on the roof of his building, a stunt he hopes will draw attention to his restaurant, which has seen slow traffic since it opened Sept. 1 of this year.

He blames time spent bringing the building up to code, as well as a lousy economy, for the lack of customers. "It’s so much harder for a small business man to start a business and keep it going," he says.

But he is attracting attention from shoppers in the strip mall where his restaurant is located.

One customer who was drawn by the music, walked around the parking lot trying to find out where it was coming from. When she saw Allen on the roof, she decided to duck inside his restaurant for a drink and a bite to eat.