'The Ultimate Scholarship' — Free Tuition...for Life?


Well, here's one way to get a full ride.

A university in the United Kingdom is having a competition where one person will win a "free tutition for life."

Cardiff University, a university located in the area of Cardiff, Wales of the UK announced it will be giving away the 'Ultimate Scholarship,' which will include an undergraduate degree amounting to £27,000, and funding for a higher degree such as a MA, MBA and a Phd. In total, the prize is worth at least £50,000, according to Times High Education.

So what are contestants up against?

Only students in the UK and in the European Union are able to apply. Other details about the competition remain vague. However, the university assures that the contestants can expect to “undertake a series of tough challenges, which will increase in difficulty.”

Sounds a little bit like a knock-off version of 'Survivor' to me, but hey, I guess it's a nice try by the university to get some good press when there's an outcry for college tuition reform.

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