Move Over Betty White, Meet TV's Newest Senior Stars - The Walgreen Twins

Source: You Tube

Up until a few months ago, Frances Labinger and Iris Arnold were your typical busy grandmothers.

The 77-year-old identical twins were known among family and friends for their hilarious shtick--relentlessly teasing each other as only native New Yorkers can.

"My sister's kids were little brats when they were little children," says Iris. "I hate her," says Frances.

The two have become sudden celebrities after being selected by Walgreens to promote flu shots this season.

When Iris' daughter heard the drug store giant was holding auditions, the twins decided to go, even though Frances says, "My sister will tell you she spent $29 to park her car."

They never thought they'd get the gig. But they did. Renamed "Edith & Ellen" for the ad, the commercial is a hit with consumers.

I sat down with the sisters via Skype to interview them about their new found celebrity and whether it's making them rich. "Enough to give the kids $5 extra when we see them," deadpans Iris.

We also talked about the economy: "It sucks," they replied in unison.

Since Iris lives in New Jersey, I asked about Jon Corzine, which led to a debate between the two over the fate of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. "He's a crook," said Iris. "But you don't send him to jail for 14 years, he can go for five," Frances shot back. "Why, you're the judge and jury?" her sister replied.

Finally, we talked presidential politics. "No president I ever voted for won," announced Iris. So who's she interested in for 2012? "I'll probably vote for Trump if he runs."

For more jabs, click here to listen.