Decrease Commodities Exposure Due to China Slowdown, Says Top Trader

If you trade commodities chances are you’re a little jittery after that latest data out of China.

Although China exports expanded 13.8 percent in November, the number was actually bearish – it showed growth was the lowest in nine months.

Adding to concerns, earlier in December an HSBC purchasing managers’ index showed China’s economy had cooled.

All told, the data fueled speculation thatChina, the world’s second largest economy, would not be the engine of growth that so many had hoped it would be.

Considering Europe may be sliding back into recession and the recovery here in the U.S. is shaky at best, are commodities in jeopardy?


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Trader Tim Seymour is worried. Although he expects to see Beijing ease he also says, “It won’t be the kind of easing that inspires fixed asset investment – aka commodities.”

”I expect to see China’s demand for steel and coal to come down significantly in 2012,” he says.

And China is a major player in this sector. “They generate 37% of global aluminum demand, 42% of global copper demand and 57% of global iron ore demand. This is something to be concerned about,” Seymour says.

What should you do?

If you must play EM and you’re portfolio is commodities heavy, Seymour says diversify.

”I’d play the financials and interest rate sensitive stocks that will benefit from central banks around the world easing.”

Specifically he recommends Brazil banks such as ITUB or BBD , “Brazil’s economy is fairly insulated and should be defensive if China really slows down.”

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