How To Get Into The Santa Business

Consider this for next Christmas, when you may need some cold cash for the 2012 gift list. Don’t go to Santa Claus. Become him.

Santas can make $6,000 to $10,000 a season in a mall and $100 per hour for appearances in homes or at company parties, Robert Mindte, owner of, which supplies Kris Kringles around the country, told CNBC's Carl Quintanilla.

Mindte said that in order to be hired as a Santa, you'll need to take vocal and singing lessons; learn all the names of Santa’s reindeers; keep your beard white and full all day and all season; and, most important, keep the holiday season schedule open for bookings.

“The pay varies depending on where the Santa lives and his experience,” Mindte said. “If you’re a New York City Santa your pay is better; if you’re (in) Fargo, North Dakota, your pay is not quite as fit.”

So start fattening up and growing your beard. There are only 349 days before Black Friday 2012.