More Work, That's Great News. Or Is It?

CNBC Small Business - Around the Web
CNBC Small Business - Around the Web

Things are looking up. First, the NFIB announced its Small Business Optimism Indexwas up 1.8 points for the month. And now Manta reveals that the members in its survey, the Small Business Wellness Index, saw a 12 percent increase in business activity from the same time last year.

Two research programs were reauthorized by Congress on Monday night, giving small businesses another boost. The Small Business Innovation Research program and the Small Business Technology Transferprograms, both require government agencies to grant small businesses a portion of their contracts.

So, all of that increase in business is great news, but it is taking its toll on small business owners, reports The Washington Post. Going a little deeper into the Manta survey, it found that 44 percent of small business owners say this year's business climate has taken a toll on their health.

Too much of a good thing? Or just the cost of doing business? At least the holiday's coming. Everyone: relax! You've got all next year to catch up.