Tebow Can't Sign Autographs Fast Enough, Fee Rises

Jockey, Nike and FRS are just some the companies that took a chance on Tim Tebow making it at the pro level against all odds. But the company that has likely reaped the most cash from Tebow's success if a Florida-based memorabilia company called Palm Beach Autographs.

Amidst many competitive bids, which included all the top names in the industry, the company won exclusive autograph rights to Tebow for a year.

Tim Tebow Autographed Denver Broncos (Blue Jersey) with "Merry Christmas"
Source: Palm Beach Autographs
Tim Tebow Autographed Denver Broncos (Blue Jersey) with "Merry Christmas"

"Tim was the most coveted player coming out of the NFL draft in at least a decade," said Steve Dodson, owner of Palm Beach Autographs.

Part of that demand was due to the fact that he would clearly make a mint off Florida Gators fans needing to get their items signed. And boy did they come with Tebow charging $160 for an autograph and $75 for a photo with him.

Dodson said that about 80 percent of the sales last year were Gators-related, while 20 percent of the sales featured Tebow's autographs on Broncos items.

Palm Beach Autographs didn't know what to expect when it renewed Tebow for a second year, but Dodson said he had confidence that he would make his mark on the NFL. Since being named the starter, Tebow is now 7-1 and is incredible fourth quarter comebacks have the Broncos in a position to the make the playoffs.

When Tebow did a signing yesterday, as he does once a month, all items were sold out a week before and the prices have understandably gone up. Of the few items that are available, Tebow autographed Broncos photos now sell for $250.

Want an inscription? That will cost you more. A "Merry Christmas" inscription costs $300. Tebow occasionally writes "GB2," which stands for God Bless & Go Broncos. Full size replica helmets signed go for $500, as do jerseys. And the John Elway/Tim Tebow helmet signed sold out at $1,000 apiece.

Today, Dodson says he's selling as much to Broncos fans as Gators fans and the company's online orders are coming in from all over the world. "Tim understands the value of getting something to a fan for the holidays and he's happy to sign, but he can only sign so much," Dodson said. "This run has really been wild."

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