FedEx Valuation ‘Historically Low,’ Analyst Says

If you’re shopping for shipping stocks, one company stands out to a “Fast Money” analyst: FedEx.

Urs Dur, SVP and senior analyst at Lazard Capital Markets, on Wednesday said he liked the company’s international exposure and growth, along with strong holiday ecommerce positioning.

“We do see good trade globally,” he said. “It doesn’t look recessionary right now at all if you look at the pure numbers.”

Dur said FedEx’s valuation was historically low from the perspective of a “very traditional” EPS and EBITDA.

Ahead of its Thursday earnings call, FedEx shares closed down 2.1 percent at $77.29.

Dur, who set a target price of $100 for Fedex, said other stocks to watch included:

  • UPS: Dur called it “an excellent buy.”
  • Expeditors International: “It’s asset-light. They’ve been having great top-line growth for the last decade, and their margins keep improving. Unbelievable balance sheets.”
  • Seaspan: Dur liked that it recently announced a massive stock buy-back.
  • Golar: The company, he said, “on a pull-back is very exciting here.”

Trader Brian Kelly said he also liked Golar on a pull-back because it’s in an industry that is growing.

“I love the company, but I just feel it’s a little expensive,” said trader Karen Finerman.

Pro Tim Seymour said he liked Kansas City Southern.

“It’s a name that has really outperformed the sector,” he said. “I think you have to be careful at these levels. People have totally abandoned any sense of cyclicality in this economy.”

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