Rural Main Street On Its Way Up; College Graduates On Their Way to India

CNBC Small Business - Around the Web
CNBC Small Business - Around the Web

Young college graduates are heading to India, an emerging economy with with a growing number of start-ups.

Not all main streets are created equal, or at least reacting to the economy equally. According to the Small Business Trends blog, The Rural Mainstreet Index is at its highest level since 2007. Strong oil and gas prices, farm commodity prices and development of rural broadband are all contributing to healthy rural economies in 2012.

Congress' unwillingness to extend the payroll tax cuts could be a huge morale-buster, reports The Wall Street Journal. It spoke to small business owners who said that fewer dollars in employee paychecks is not a great way to start the the new year, especially when cash is tight and bonuses and raises might not be forthcoming.