Bachmann Quits Race; Romney Off to New Hampshire

Michele Bachmann has ended her presidential campaign, leaving her supporters up for grabs as Rick Santorum tries to become the conservative heavyweight in the Republican race.

Michelle Bachmann
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Michelle Bachmann

Santorum's near-tie with Iowa caucus winner Mitt Romney topped a rise from deep in the polls to contender for the presidential nomination.

Bachmann said Wednesday she has "decided to stand aside," but vowed to "continue to fight against the President's agenda of socialism."

The Minnesota congresswoman won only 5 percent of the Republican vote Tuesday, coming in a distant sixth with relatively low campaign funds.

Like Bachmann, Texas Gov. Rick Perry took a blow in the caucuses — finishing fifth. He flew home to decide whether to stay in the race. It appears the answer is "yes." He tweeted Wednesday that he was bound for South Carolina.

Meanwhile, Romney jetted to New Hampshire to continue campaigning. The New Hampshire primary is the next contest in the race.