We're Waiting for Yahoo's Big Deal: Analysts

Yahoo, having searched since September, has finally got a new CEO to replace Carol Bartz.

With the naming of Scott Thompson, the current chief executive of Paypal, analysts are saying the digital media company is better off today than it was yesterday.

"We've followed Thompson with Paypal for some time. He's done a very good job there," Ken Sena, analyst at Evercore Partners, told CNBC Wednesday.

Evercore Partners, however, has not changed its mid-December downgrade of Yahoo.

The new CEO has inherited a steep challenge.

Since 2009, Yahoo has underperformed the S&P 500 by about 24 percent. Investors holding the stock are expecting management to take bold action, whether it be a merger, acquisition or outright sale.

"How will they monetize their Asian assets?" Sena asks, pointing out that near-term investors awaiting a Yahoo sale will likely not see an immediate bump in the share price.

Others are joining the chorus, asking when Yahoo will sell itself?But Anthony DiClemente, managing director at Barclays, thinks competition will push Thompson to consider an acquisition.

"Yahoo may need to evolve its content acquisition strategy in order to improve its relationship with advertisers. It's a very competitive market, and Yahoo needs a way to differentiate itself," he said.

DiClemente thinks Thompson can bring this "new vision" to Yahoo, adding, "Leadership is something Yahoo had lacked. People respect Scott. He helped Paypal expand its user-base dramatically."

Scott Thompson's appointment as Yahoo CEO is effective January 9.

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Anthony DiClemente owns shares in YHOO. Barclays and/or an affiliate received non-investment banking related compensation from YHOO within the past 12 months. Ken Sena, analyst at Evercore Partners, does not own stock in the company.