The Sex and Money Scandal Rocking Hedge Fund Land

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Have you heard the one about the currency trader, the stripper, and the sister of a convicted insider trader?

It begins when a guy living on Connecticut's hedge fund strip went to the police to report that his personal assistant had stolen around $150,000 from him. He said he had discovered the theft after a Norwalk, Connecticut hospital informed him that they were unable to process a $607 check written out in his name.

This raised suspicions because he had never been in the hospital.

He informed police about the stolen money and told them that his personal assistant had access to his credit cards and checkbook. The assistant was found in North Darthmouth, Massachusetts when local police ran the plates on her Porsche Boxster.

This is the first indication that something is odd about this story.

How many personal assistants can afford a Porsche?

The next part of the story was told with unbelievable straight reporting by Hearst staff writer John Nickerson.

According to Nickerson, the twenty-eight year old assistant not only denied the allegations of embezzling from her employer, she said that she was being paid extra for spending days and nights “in the company” of her employer and his fiancé. And, by the way, she was having sex with both of them. At the same time. She also mentioned that she had met her employer in a strip club.

The police went and asked the employer about this and he admitted that he and his fiancé did have sex with the assistant a “handful of times, but many fewer” than the assistant alleged.

Veteran financial reporter Teri Buhl, who knows her way around the Connecticut hedge fund beat, decided to do some investigating into this case. She tracked down the name of the employer in police filings, who she reports is a 48 year old currency trader who resides in a house he purchased in 2007 for $7.5 million. Buhl reports that he’s had quite a few run-ins with financial regulators over his career.

This would be enough for any scandal on Connecticut’s shoreline hedge fund strip.

But there’s more.

Buhl also reports that she uncovered the identity of the fiancé in the case, who Buhl says is the sister of one of the central characters in the biggest hedge fund insider trading scandal of the past few years.

I don’t want to steal Buhl’s thunder, so click on her report for the big reveal.

Embezzling! A stripper! Fancy cars! Group sex! Financial regulatory enforcement! Even an insider trading connection! Someone should option the film rights to this thing while they still can.

None of the people involved in this crazy story could be reached for comment.

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