A Porn-Free Consumer Electronics Show


Microsoft is leaving the Consumer Electronics Show, but few at the annual gathering in Las Vegas may notice. They’re still reeling from the departure of a more popular group of attendees.

Porn stars.

Porn and consumer electronics go together like a computer mouse and a closed door, and CES used to have an adult entertainment section.

Behind the scenes at the Adult Entertainment Expo 2011 in Las Legas, Nevada.
Source: show.adultentertainmentexpo.com
Behind the scenes at the Adult Entertainment Expo 2011 in Las Legas, Nevada.

Then porn got too big and went out on its own, creating the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. AVN brings together porn’s biggest and brightest stars, who compete for awards in over a hundred categories.

The show always takes place the same week as CES—in the same convention center. How intertwined are the two groups? Some estimates claim up to 40 percent of attendees go to both expos.

It has always been the perfect marriage of silicon and silicone.

Alas, no more. The AVN show this year begins next week, starting January 18, long after the last fanboy of the newest ultrathin notebook computer has cleared out of the Sands Convention Center.

Why the decoupling? Apparently CES isn't on a weekend this year, and AVN has to be on a weekend for its awards show. "This caused everything on AVN's part to be moved to later in the month," the association tells CNET's Chris Matyszczyk. Plus, the awards show has left the convention center and decamped to The Hard Rock for the first time.

Really? That’s the only reason? There’s got to be something more. The move to the Hard Rock may be a hint—newer facility, cooler vibe, and I bet the price was right. (Note to CES: I hear you can still find scantily clad women in Las Vegas.)

Never fear. CNBC.com had full coverage of AVN last year, and no scheduling change will stop us from providing full coverage this year as well.

What are all the tech geeks missing out on with no AVN Awards Show to cap off their week? I checked out the list of nominees, and here are a few I can name in a family-friendly blog:

- Best 3D Release (includes "This Ain't Ghostbusters")

- Best Comedy (includes "Nerdsworld")

- Best Educational Release (I'm not going to name any of the titles nominated here, but believe me, they sound very educational)

In the end, one man's loss is another man's gain. CES may miss out on all the starlets descending on Sin City, but there’s another show scheduled next week to take its place. It’s the 2012 Shot Show, a gathering hosted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. This year’s slogan: “Too Good to Miss."

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