Beware Our CNBC Doppleganger

I want to warn you about a scam that’s floating around the Internet masquerading as, well… us.


You might have encountered this imposter as a link relayed over Facebook from a friend. Or perhaps through a Tweet. It isn’t us. And it probably isn’t your friend, either.

Scam artists, you see, can build a fake Web page that looks a lot like the real thing, but is filled with bogus content. And that’s what they’ve done here. They’ve built a Web page (several really but they all are the same thing) in our look and feel that purports to be a “Work from Home” article, promising all sorts of riches to those that just pay some money follow its advice.

It’s a scam, plain and simple. They’ll take your money and give nothing in return. As con artist imitations go, it’s well constructed…even has a video and links to our legit site. The giveaway is in the URL (it’s slightly off with a hyphen or two) and the content.

Unfortunately these bogus sites, hosted overseas, are getting a lot of circulation. Links to them are posted to Facebook, Twitter, and many other places on the Internet. Sometimes they are being relayed through hacks that make it look like it’s coming from a friend (but not really). A lot of you have let us know about it, and we thank you.

Naturally our lawyers and tech guys are all over this thing. And we’re talking to Facebook and other platforms about taking some action. Hopefully they can get something done. In the meantime, if you see one of these links in your Facebook account or other social media, please take a screenshot and send it to our CNBC Customer Care unit and click the “Report Story or Spam” link to the right of each posting on your Facebook page to let the folks there know directly.

We appreciate your help in this. It’s a shame such elements exist in our world, but they do.