The $400,000 T-shirt

Last blog I mentioned a popular t-shirt being soldin Italy based on the shoutfest between an Italian coast guard captain and the cruise ship captain accused of abandoning ship. The tee costs about $16.50.

The $400,000 T-Shirt
The $400,000 T-Shirt

That’s a reasonable price. T-shirts are meant to be cheap. Companies like Ed Hardy have made them fancy and charged you a bit more.

Well...Hardy is hardly expensive enough for those with so much money lying around they need to launder some with their laundry.

A website called The Most Expensive T-shirt in the World is selling a tee for 400. Grand. Yes, $400,000. For a T-shirt.

What a dilemma.

Buy a house or this T-shirt?

Lamborghini or T-shirt?

College and postgraduate school...or a really cool T-shirt?

The shirt's manufacturers, based in the UK, justify the cost by saying the tees are made from 100 percent organic cotton. Also, they claim the manufacturing process uses only renewable energy, like wind and solar, which reduces the shirt's carbon footprint by 90 percent. Oh, and there are also 16 diamonds sewn in, totaling nine carats.

Born Rich says the company’s greener manufacturing process stretches out the time it takes to actually make a shirt to four weeks. Per shirt. But at $400,000, you just need to sell one a month to build up an IRA that would make even Mitt Romneyjealous.

Not sure anyone's bought one yet, but what if you have buyer's remorse? Never fear! The tees have a one-year warranty. "However improper use, accidental damage, loss and theft are not covered by the policy." Better insure that thing. You don't wanna lose the shirt off your back.

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