Cramer: 5 Themes in Play for 2012

Giant trends always emerge in January, “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer said Tuesday, and this year is no different. He’s identified five themes for 2012 that he believes “transcend the day-to-day noise” in the market.

1. People are spending again. Just look at Coach, Cramer said, which beat expectations when it reported before the bell Tuesday. Shares jumped almost 6 percent on the news, and that move caused people to also buy the “usual discretionary spending suspects” like Ralph Lauren and Whole Foods . But Cramer has his eye on Michael Kohrs , which he thinks could be a new “go-to” name for 2012.

. Texas Instruments, for example, reported quarterly earnings and revenue that beat the Street’s expectations. When the market sends the chip stocks down, he recommends finding a favorite and start buying it. He likes Broadcom but thinks Intel may be the lower risk play.

Cramer pointed to “virtual storage play” VMWare, which says hundreds and thousands are servers are being linked up to the keep information flowing from the cloud to PCs and mobile phones, and F5 Networks, which says the traffic from the cloud to devices is running smoothly. He thinks it may be time to buy some deep-in-the-money call options on .

4. We’re done “flipping out” about Europe. “Europe’s only important as a source of upside so far in 2012,” Cramer. Since we now expect the worst from Europe, when it doesn’t come or is actually good, the US markets rally.

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. While natural gas stocks and service companies are hurt, others are benefiting. For one, the decline in nat gas means trucking companies will be switching to trucks made with nat gas burning engines from Westport Innovations. It also means that more liquefied natural gas will be pumped through America’s pipeline system and it can be exported to other countries by Cheniere Energy , which supports the master limited partnership, Cheniere Energy Partners .

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When this story was published, Cramer's charitable trust owned Broadcom.

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