Stock Market Breakout Unlikely, Chart Patterns Not Bullish: Traders

If chart patterns in the Dow and S&P are to be believed, stocks will either go sideways or lower, but higher is unlikely. So says top Oppeneheimer technical analyst Carter Worth.

It’s not so much where the market is – but how we got here.

“Had we gotten here in a slow steady line it would be one thing, but the fits and starts of the last 6 months scared off retail investors,” observes Karen Finerman.

Though Finerman is a value investor, it turns out her analysis aligns with charts.

“We had an epic plunge in mid 2011 and now we’ve recovered all that lost ground,” explains Worth.


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“When you get back to the level from which you sold off, people who were hurt badly by the decline -- and have now seen that money returned to them -- are inclined to sell. That’s human nature.”

Also, fearing resistance, savvy investors who bought around the lows lock in profits.

"Because of these tendencies, the market almost never breaks out on the first test of the high. The probability is sideways or some kind of backing away,” says Worth. The likelihood that the rally continues is slight.

Trader Joe Terranova shares the skepticism. “We’re not seeing a reallocation of money out of fixed income funds into equity funds – last year fund flows drove markets higher.”

He also thinks the price action should be stronger considering Apple's blockbuster earnings and a Fed statement in which the central bank promised to keep rates 'lower for longer.’

Terranova tells us that if the market breaks 1306, the lows of the week, it will give him cause for concern. “I’m taking off long exposure.”

Those calls are largely trading calls. If you're an investor with a longer time horizon, both Tim Seymour and Ron Insana think there’s every reason to remain bullish.

“The Fed has all but said we should be in risk assets – that’s what they’re saying by promising to keep interest rates low through 2014. I think we have a green light for stocks for quite some time,” says Insana.

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