Warren Buffett Matching Illinois Teen's $300 Deficit Donation


Warren Buffett isn't limiting himself to matching deficit-reducing donations by Washington lawmakers.

A 16-year-old girl who lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago tells WLS-TV that Buffett will match her own $300 contribution toward trimming the U.S. national debt.

Katie Murphy says she wrote Buffett asking if he would match her donation and he sent a note back saying yes.

She tells WLS:

"That was 15 percent of my own personal wealth, and I really just wanted to make a statement for my own generation who will be dealing with the unemployment and college debt, that if people don't act now that's going to be our problem for years to come."

Murphy says she was inspired by Buffett's donation challengeto Republicans in Congress. It has since been expanded to include both parties.

Here's the clip from last night's WLS newscast:

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