After Nailing Facebook, Top Strategist Makes Next Big Prediction

James Altucher has made some pretty outrageous predictions over the years. You know Altucher – he told us last summer than he expected the Dow to hit 20,000 by the end of 2012.

That prediction remains unconfirmed but another prediction that he made back in 2007, seemed just as outrageous at the time – and it’s turned out to be prescient.

On July 25, 2007 he told us, “I really think Facebook, when it goes public, we could see Google like numbers. When it goes public, Facebook should have a $100B market cap.”

At the time we snickered. Facebook with a market cap of $100B seemed absolutely outrageous – pie in the sky. It was just as unthinkable as the Dow hitting 20,000.

Now as Facebook files paperwork for an IPO, some pros think $100B is cheap.

Considering his forecast was far more accurate than we would have ever expected, we were eager to find out what else Altucher predicts.

“It’s a no brainer,” he tells us. “Apple should hit a $1 trillion market cap within the next year.” He goes on to say that at “9 times trailing cash flows and with 100% growth, current valuation is more likely a utility than a growth stock.”

Again, it’s a bold call – if Altucher is right, Apple would trade to $1000/ share. This time, however, we're not laughing.

* James Altucher is managing director at the hedge fund Formula Capital and the author of several books on investing.

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