Must See TV: Fast Money Portfolio

Fast Money Portfolio
Fast Money Portfolio

Time and again you hear money pros say that this is a trader's market.

That is, the way to profit in the current environment is to move in and out of positions on a relatively short term basis.

After all, the S&P is up about 8 for the year and more than 20 percent from October lows but, at the time of writing, has been unable to convincingly pierce much above the 1,370 level, a key area of technical resistance.

Of course that means knowing when to jump into the cockpit and also when to pull the rip cord!

What if you’re just not that nimble? How should you put money to work in a market that moves at the speed of light?

The Fast Money traders have some ideas; And those insights will be the basis of our new feature – Fast Money Portfolio. It’s where long-term investing meets the volatility of today’s world.

Our new feature begins the week of February 27th. You won’t want to miss it!

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