Rising Gas Prices Drive More Fuel-Efficient Technology


For the 20th straight day, the average price for a gallon of gaswent up.

We're now at around $3.70 a gallon.

If you've followed this blogand my reports over the last couple of years, you've seen me outline why some auto parts suppliers are primed to meet the demand for more fuel efficient cars and trucks with technology and products that help vehicles run more efficiently.

BorgWarner : They lead the turbocharger business. Turbochargers have become hot sellers because they improve the mileage for vehicles while reducing emissions. Look at the popularity of Ford's Ecoboost engine which is a wildly popular option on the F-Series pick-up.

Bosche: Makes start/stop systems. These are becoming a popular addition to many vehicles because they increase fuel economy by shutting down the engine when you stop at stop lights, in the drive-thru lane, etc. We're just starting to see the start of this technology becoming a standard in all engines.

Visteon :Engine Management Systems. Increasingly automakers are looking for engines to be "smarter" and more efficient using gasoline. Visteon is leading the charge in this area. What to look for in the future? Engines working with GPS and navigation systems to "tell" the car how to regulate fuel intake as the vehicle approaches steep inclines and declines.

Johnson Controls :Battery Management and use of lighter materials.

Just as automakers want the engine to work more efficiently, the same is true of the batteries in vehicles. JCI is working on this and another area often overlooked: use of lighter materials for the interiors of cars. This is a critical component for increasing the MPG's in vehicles.

And this is just the start.

The bottom line: watch the auto suppliers as they invest and develop technology that will help cars and trucks go further on less fuel.


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