Dell Is Targeting Firms Seeking Flexibility: CEO

Dellis targeting companies of all sizes that want to take advantage of new technology quickly and seek flexibility in how they use it, CEO Michael Dell told CNBC Monday.


“Our real expertise is identifying those technologies and those solutions that make a difference for customers,” he said, particularly fast-growing customers — not just small and medium-sized businesses, but also large companies “that take advantage of these technologies faster.”

Dell noted that “most of the growth of the world in employment is in small and medium business. That’s an area where Dell has an enormous amount of strength.”

He said customers “want flexibility on where their systems exist. Sometimes they want them on premise, they may want them in the cloud , they may want them in our location, and we’re providing them all that flexibility.”

The company has expanded beyond personal computers over the past five years or so to “building relationships” in the enterprise, services, and solutions business, which at $18.6 billion is about half the company’s profits, the CEO said. He said his company has 2 percent, or $60 billion, of a $3 trillion enterprise market.

On Monday, the company unveiled the next generation of its power-edge server line that brings together networking, storage, and 10-gigabit ethernet capabilities to enable things like virtualization and more intense workloads, said Dell.

“We’re enabling all kinds of new things,” he said. “These are the kinds of servers that will power the next generation of really exciting applications.”