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Monday, 3/19/2012:

9:00 PM HOW I MADE MY MILLIONS #15 (30 Minutes)

12:00 AM HOW I MADE MY MILLIONS #15 (30 Minutes)


CNBC's "How I Made My Millions" goes behind the curtain to reveal how everyday people have taken ordinary ideas and turned them in extraordinary businesses. Companies that have surpassed that magic number of a million dollars.

Each of these entrepreneurs took a risk, believed in their dream and, thanks to a lot of hard work and a little luck, became millionaires.

"How I Made My Millions" puts the American Dream on display and shows you that it's alive and well if you have the heart, the desire and the know-how to make it big.


“All in The Family” - HERR’S FOODS (Nottingham, Pa.)

66 years ago, when James Herr and his fiancé went on a date, they delivered hand-made potato chips, door-to-door, in tins. From that small beginning grew a three-generation family business now selling potato chips, pretzels, and cheese curls in dozens of flavors over a ten-state area centered on the Philadelphia market. Herr’s claims $250 million in annual sales today, and James Herr’s sons and daughters are now training their children in the business.

“Having A Ball” - NERF (Boca Grande, Fla)

If your mother ever told you not to play ball in the house…the Nerf ball said you could. It started with a simple, round piece of foam in 1970. Reyn Guyer and his creative team sold the idea to Parker Brothers and a toy store star was born. Since then Nerf has grown into a 400 million dollar a year brand, and Reyn Guyer is still -- having a ball.

“Millions in The Making” - THE FRUITGUYS (San Francisco)

Chris Mittelstaedt was looking for a job and wondering what to do with his life when he heard friends complain about the junk food they were eating at the office and wondering if there wasn’t a better way. Chris suggested they eat fresh fruit and he would deliver it to their desks. That was the beginning of his company that delivers fresh fruit from local farms directly to offices, schools and even your front door. The FruitGuys first operated out of the kitchen of his San Francisco apartment but has since expanded to serve thousands of offices, schools and homes across the country.

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