When Wynn Goes ‘Gazetting’

Wynn Las Vegas
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Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Resorts created a stir Friday morning when it mistakenly sent a regulatory filingto the SEC about a potential land deal for a second resort in Macau.

Trading halted 40 minutes after the filing, and it took another hour and a half for the company to explain why.

Wynn retracted the earlier news. "The filing was not authorized by the Company. The Cotai Land Concession Contract has not been gazetted."


I know what a gazette is, like the Montreal Gazette. But "gazette" is also a verb?

Turns out it's a British thing, meaning "to announce or publish in an official journal or in a newspaper."

But “gazette” is too fun a word for such a boring definition. "Gazetting" rolls of the tongue like a special at an Italian restaurant. I asked folks on Twitterto suggest creative ways to use the word as a verb.

I was not disappointed.

Here are some colorful ways to liven up your communication skills with this fun verb--maybe financial types can drop it in the next time they're investigated by the SEC or have to testify about missing billions from MF Global.

  • "You'll Gazette what you deserve." (@ThruTrain)
  • "I'm Gazetting right now." (@onetwoko)
  • "I plan on gazetting a few drinks after work today." (@TraderRLH)
  • "I gazetted once back in the late 60's, and immediately got drafted." (@TommyJShort)
  • "It's Gazetting better all the time." (@trimmgi)
  • "My girlfriend left me, she was gazetting it elsewhere!" tweeted @robbylama69, to which Fast Money producer @CNBCMelloy replied: "Sounds like she was trying to have her cake and gazette it too."
  • "My Mom caught me Gazetting and made me stop." (@daveinbawlmer)
  • "My cat just threw up a "gazette" and let me tell you, IT AIN'T PRETTY!!" (@Catwoman2011)
  • "I Gazette #Playboy for the articles." (@sfpatriot)
  • "Those who live in high rise buildings should not get caught "Gazetting" their neighbors in other buildings." (@DonCarrMAC)
  • And for the win, CNBC's own @tomrotunno went Coppola: "Leave the gun, Gazette the Cannolis."

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