Greek Bailout? German Finance Minister Would Rather Play With His Tablet

Source: YouTube

In a recent parliamentary debate on whether to keep Greece on life support, Germany's finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, was spotted in video footage with intense focus, but not on the meeting at hand.

Rather, Schäuble, the man responsible for managing Germany's federal budget, was intensely concentrating on playing a game of Sudoku on his tablet.

Let's be honest, we are all tired of hearing about the Greece bailout, but nobody is probably as worn on the matter than Germany officials trying to deal with saving the Eurozone.

According to Reuters, his spokesman said Schäuble had worked for 10-straight days on behalf of German interests.

So it's hard to blame the German finance minister for taking a break from the daily grind of solving the economic woes of Europe and, well, indulging himself in some tablet time. Besides, doesn't Sudoku sort of count as practice?

Check out the video below.