Royal Dutch Shell Not Aiming for CVR Energy

Speculation in the market suggests that a company like CVR Energy could be in play, especially after activist investor Carl Icahnannounced a stake in the company.

But if you’re thinking that Royal Dutch could be a potential buyer, think again.

CEO Peter Voser tells us that he’s not in the market for mid-continent refiners. “We are not in the acquiring phase of refining,” he says during a live interview on Halftime.

Period end.

And after the broadcast Fast Money trader Joe Terranova tells us he found the commentary significant, because there aren’t that many companies that could afford to acquire CVR.

"Whos going to buy?" shrugs the top energy trader.

That's not to say Terranova doesn’t like the stock – he does, just not as a takeout target. “CVR is well positioned," he adds. "I’m a buyer. Mid continent refiners are in the sweet spot.”

The Fast traders also found another comment made by Voser trade-worthy.

Voser says that nat gas is a growing part of the company’s strategy in the coming years. “We have a break through project in Qatar,” he says. “We are looking at what we can do with gas.”

(Shell has spent $20 billion onPearl, a plant to convert natural gas into liquid fuels.)

Trader Brian Kelly believes the commentary is another sign that nat gas will be the energy of the future.

“I’d play it with Navistar,” he says. “They’re converting trucks so they can run on nat gas.”


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