The Ladies of the Night Strike Back: $2,000 Price Tag Is Real

Marc Fischer | Vetta | Getty Images

Earlier today I quoted three Wall Streeters who have doubts about the prices listed by prosecutors for the services of women working at the alleged 'Soccer Mom' brothel. They thought the $1,000 to $2,000 prices were too high.

I've now spoken with a woman with knowledge of the matter who says the prices are real.

The tanned, dark-haired beauty looks and dresses like she would be comfortable on an episode of MTV's “Jersey Shore.” She definitely knows accused madam Anna 'Scotland' Girstina.

She has worked as a stripper but wouldn't admit to working in the alleged brothel. She didn't deny it either. She just didn't want to discuss it further.

She also declined to explain how she knew the prices were real. But she insisted they were.

"Those dollar figures in the paper are real," she told me.

A private wealth manager told Gothamist's Christopher Robbins that the $2,000 price range was not outrageous.

"Those expensive women are the ones you actually want to be seen with," Robbins's source says.

He says that some brokers pay for their high-end clients to visit brothels, sometimes spending as much as $5,000 per night.

"There's too much regulation in the bigger banks to do it, but smaller players still expense that kind of s*t to generate business. They'll just add it to the dinner tab," the source tells Robbins.

So maybe there really is a market for $2,000 prostitutes.

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