What Names Are Inside Apple’s New iPad?

Apple unveiled its new iPad — no “3” or “HD” designation, just “iPad” — to much fanfare on Wednesday, and one expert talked about what brand names were inside.

“I think it’s actually very similar to the iPad 2,” Boy Genius Report’s Jonathan Geller said on “Fast Money.”


“You’ll find a Qualcomm chipset,” he said. “You’ll probably find a Sonyor OmniVision camera.”

Other components likely include a Samsung processor, he speculated.

The new iPad also boasts a retina display, 4G LTE and prices starting at $499.

“We didn’t get Siri for a reason,” Geller said. “You do get voice dictation.”



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Geller called it “a big product” in terms of its impact, and he didn’t think Apple would try to move into Amazon’s space.

The new iPad lifted several Apple-related stocks.

Trader Dan Nathan liked service providers AT&T and Verizon.

“I think there’s a good chance that both these guys are actually going to benefit from the uptake of 4G, as you have people spending $800 for the new iPad with the 4G LTE,” he said. “At some point, those early adopters are going to demand this type of service. They’re going to pay for this service. And if AT&T has shown us anything of late, they have some pricing power when it comes to their data bundling. They just raised it for the 3G smartphones.”

Pete Najarian of OptionMonster.com continued to like OmniVision Technologies, which closed at $17.51 per share, up 2 percent.

“I’d continue to hold this,” he said.

Drakon Capital’s Guy Adami called Broadcom’s valuation, at 10 times earnings, “very attractive.”

But he cautioned that there appeared to be resistance around $38½.

Germany’s Dialog Semiconductor, which counts on Apple for half of its revenue, was trader Tim Seymour’s pick.

Earning “about $2 per iPad,” Dialog was “a stock that will rise and fall with Apple,” he said.

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