Steve Cortes: Don’t Buy Into Housing Rally Yet

Despite recent bullish sentiment on the housing sector, contrarian trader Steve Cortes isn’t buying it.

“I am short the homebuilders on spread versus the S&P,” Cortes said Thursday on “Fast Money.”

Recently, such big names as Bill Ackman, Robert Shiller and Warren Buffett have sounded positive that the housing sector had nowhere to go but up. But Cortes pointed to predictions that housing wouldn’t experience a double-dip, which turned out to be wrong.

“Warren Buffett has been bullish wrongly on housing for two years,” he said, opting instead to bet that the homebuilders ETF, XHB, would underperform the broader market.

One key indicator for the bearish view, Cortes said, is the decline in lumber, copper and aluminum in recent months, as XHB rallied some 35 percent.

“When those key building materials are down, that tells me that the builders have had a bit on an excessive run to the upside. I think housing goes lower from here,” he said, admitting, “I liked this position much better on Tuesday than I do today.”



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Trader Stephen Weiss noted an important distinction.

“You have to separate what Buffett’s saying and others are saying about buying single-family homes and buying housing stocks,” he said. “Housing is clearly ahead of itself.”

Especially with foreclosures still working through the system, the home builder sector faces serious challenges.

Weiss added, “Why buy them when they’re going to be at a premium to the ones that are still going to come out of foreclosure?”

Trader Brian Stutland said he would play the housing rally another way, opting for PFF, an ETFof preferred shares.

“I’d rather own preferred shares in those bank stocks, which I think are going to provide a lower volatility, a nice return, a little bit of a yield on those types of names,” he said.

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