Who Was Protecting the 'Wall Streeter' Brothel?


The latest reports about Anna Gristina, the self-styled "hockey mom" accused of running an Upper East Side prostitution ring, seem to make it very clear that she has connections high up in law enforcement.

Take this report from Tara Palmeri of the New York Post:

Irma Nici, who has previously claimed to have slept with David Beckham and Eliot Spitzer, worked for Gristina for six months in 2002 and told The Post that the mother of four “laughed” when other escort services went down.

“She always did say she had someone giving her a heads up,” the Bosnian brunette revealed to The Post.

“When Fleur de Elite [a competing brothel run by another madam] was busted, she was laughing because she had inside information.”

Palmeri quotes Kristin Davis, a former madam who claims to have had Eliot Spitzer as a client, saying Gristina must have had some form of official protection.

“You can’t stay in business that long unless someone else is tipping you off,” Davis tells Palmeri.

And then we have the testimony of Gristina herself. In an exclusive interview with the New York Post, Gristina says that investigators kept showing her a list with 10 names of high-profile people. She claims she only knew five of them.

“I’d bite my tongue off before I’d tell them anything,” Gristina says.

That's not the way someone who is innocent of the charges usually speaks.

Morgan Stanley will likely breathe a sigh of relief. Gristina claims that her meetings with a broker there were part of an effort to establish a totally legitimate online matchmaking business.

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