March Madness: By The Numbers

With the NCAA men's basketball tournament field finally set, it's time to break down the bracket in our own unique way.

John 'Big Nut' Peters, fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes, holds up a sign which reads 'March Madness' against the Michigan State Spartans during the Final Game of the 2012 Big Ten Men's Conference Basketball Tournament.
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John 'Big Nut' Peters, fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes, holds up a sign which reads 'March Madness' against the Michigan State Spartans during the Final Game of the 2012 Big Ten Men's Conference Basketball Tournament.

0: Number, in dollars, the players make for anything.

1: Number of teams Crons has in the Tournament. The upstart apparel brand founded by former Pitt standout Pat Cavanaugh does business with #16 UNC Asheville. The company outfitted Robert Morris in previous tournaments

3.99: Amount, in dollars, fans have to pay if they want the ability to watch all the games on the March Madness app. While it's the first time there's a fee, there shouldn't be much complaining -- it comes out to 5.9 cents a game.

4: Number of teams Under Armour has in the Tournament (Lamar, Loyola, South Florida & Temple).

5: Number of teams Russell has in the Tournament. While the Russell brand has seemingly disappeared, this is a very strong showing. Norfolk State, Western Kentucky, Mississippi Valley State, Colorado State and Ohio all wear Russell uniforms.

8: Number of consecutive champions who have had the color blue in their uniform

10: Number of teams that adidas has in the Tournament. Its best chance to have a team win the title lies in Kansas and Baylor.

17: Percent of people who say they've won more than $200 in a tournament pool, according to a study.

48: Number of teams Nike (including the Jordan brand) has in the Tournament. That includes all four No. 1 seeds (Kentucky, Michigan State, Syracuse and UNC). This is the first time in recent history that Nike had fewer than 50 teams. The world's largest shoe and apparel company outfitted 55 teams last year, 53 teams in 2010 and 52 teams in 2009.

100: Amount of tickets Kentucky says will be available to students for their first tournament game in Louisville.

500: Amount in dollars, Lamar's Pat Knight makes if Lamar wins a tournament game. Knight's contract calls for a $6,000 bonus for a tournament win, but his incentives are capped at $25,000 and he has already earned $24,500.

1,877: Percent increase in average annual value of the NCAA Tournament TV rights in the last 30 years. In 1982, CBS paid $49.9 million for three years of rights. Last year was the first year of a 14-year, $10.8 billion deal. Factoring in inflation, the 1982 deal was worth $39 million a year in present day value compared to the average of $771 million in the new deal.

2,900: Amount, in miles, VCU fans have to travel if they want to see the team's first game versus Wichita State from the campus in Richmond, Va. to the tournament site in Portland, Ore. VCU, which went from the first four to the Final Four last year, travels the furthest of any team to play its first game.

10,000: Salary, in dollars, of University of Vermont head coach John Becker when he took the Director of Basketball Operations job with the school five years ago. Today, he makes $170,000 as its head coach.

10,000: Amount, in dollars, of donation that a Missouri fan has to donate in order to have the right to purchase two tickets to the team's first game against Norfolk State. Tickets are $89.

25,000: The most common bonus, in dollars, coaches make for making the tournament. Coaches who made a $25,000 bonus include Alabama's Anthony Grant, USF's Stan Heath, Indiana's Tom Crean, Michigan's John Beilein, UNLV's Dave Rice among others. Florida's Billy Donovan is among the highest in terms of a bonus just to make the tournament ($37,500)

47,448.15: Amount, in dollars, Purdue head coach Matt Painter makes every win after the second round. Painter, who probably has the most incentive-laden contract, makes $23,724 for the first game.

52,650: Amount, in dollars, it costs students this year at Harvard for tuition. Harvard players are the only players in the tournament who do not have athletic scholarships. It is not known how many players on the team are paying the full amount, if any.

27,809,310: Amount, in dollars, of the disparity in 2010-11 basketball revenues between Duke ($28,917,328) and its first round opponent Lehigh ($1,188,018), according to Equity in Athletics data.

34,310,000: Number of viewers, in millions, that watched the Duke-Michigan final in 1992, still the most-watched NCAA tournament final of all time. Not even half the amount of people watched last year's UConn-Butler finale (14.96 million).

57,900,000: Amount, in dollars, top advertiser General Motors spent on March Madness TV advertising last year, according to Kantar Media.

90,000,000: Amount, in dollars, it is estimated the tournament yields in bets in Nevada. This is roughly equivalent to the amount the state brings in on the Super Bowl alone.

680,000,000: Price, in dollars, CBS & Turner will pay the NCAA and its member schools for this year's tournament.

738,000,000: Amount, in dollars, CBS & Turner pulled in off March Madness advertising last year, according to Kantar Media.

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