Knicks Send Out Playoff Ticket Forms Shortly After D’Antoni News

Mike D'Antoni, former head coach for the New York Knicks.
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Mike D'Antoni, former head coach for the New York Knicks.

At 2:14 p.m. ET, Yahoo’s NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that the Knicks and head coach Mike D’Antoni had parted ways.

Less than an hour and a half later, Knicks fans were sent e-mails to secure their playoff tickets.

“There is nothing like the excitement of Knicks Playoff basketball at The World's Most Famous Arena and we are pleased to share your 2012 Playoff Information,” the email began.

The Knicks, who have lost six straight and seven of their last eight, are asking season ticket holders to pay for playoff tickets by March 28 and buy their season tickets by April 2 in order to get 10 percent off the price of playoff tickets.

While the timing is not ideal, it’s not out of the ordinary, most teams in the playoff hunt have either sent out this information or will send it out in the coming days.

Earlier in the month, the Knicks announced that season ticket prices for next season would be, on average, 4.9 percent more expensive that this previous year. There was an average of a 49 percent increase this season due to the first part of the Madison Square Garden renovation taking place in the most expensive seats.

D’Antoni was 121-167 with the Knicks, winning 42 percent of the games he coached for the team. That’s better than his predecessors, Isiah Thomas and Larry Brown, who won 34 percent and 28 percent of their games, respectively, as the Knicks coach.

The fall is remarkable considering the fact that the Knicks just came off a month of “Linsanity.” The Knicks are currently tied with the Milwaukee Bucks with an 18-24 record in a battle to grab the 8th playoff spot in the East.

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