Office Betting 'Madness' Not Limited To Sports

Getty Images

It's no secret that people bet on sports at work, but a new poll reveals that's not the only thing they're betting on.

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, employees have also admitted to making all manner of work-related wagers, including:

Who would be the first person to drink too much at a company party. When someone would punch out the supervisor.

How long the CEO's fourth marriage would last.

Who in the office would be the last to get their power back after a big snowstorm.

How many accidents would occur at the intersection outside of the office building.

The fake illness with which a co-worker would call in sick.

How long it would take someone to quit.

When impending litigation would be filed against the company.

The amount of news coverage a particular celebrity would receive in a week.

Who would grow the best beard in one month's time.

The information in the CareerBuilder poll was based on a survey conducted by Harris Interactive. The survey based its results on the responses of more than 7,700 workers.