Internet Explorer Gets Dissed by ... Microsoft?

Getty Images

Microsoft's latest ad for Internet Explorer 9 is, well, interesting.

The ad, titled "The Browser You Loved to Hate," makes fun of Internet Explorer's somewhat tarnished reputation as a less than user-friendly web browser.

But while trying to be funny and convincing in its latest ad spot, Microsoft comes off as a bit harsh.

The main character in the one-minute ad is a boy named George who is seeing a psychologist because of his obsession with removing the Internet Explorer browser from other people's computers.

At one point, George is stealing people's computers in the library while screaming "The only thing it's good for at all is downloading other browsers." (Dang Microsoft, burn!)

George, however, recovers from his weird IE obsession when IE9 is released, because according to George, the browser is finally good.

While I usually applaud companies for owning up to bad products or services, this ad seems a little harsh and unfortunately, unconvincing. But go ahead and check out the video for yourself, below.