$600: Buy an iPad or a Share of Apple?

The New iPad
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The New iPad

Apple shares surged above $600 on Monday, only five weeks after crossing $500.


Right now, you can buy a share of Apple for about the same price as a 4G iPad. Which would you choose?

Actually, for $600, you could buy two months worth of gasoline, pay your family's monthly health insurance bill, buy a semester's worth of books in college.

Which would you choose?

I asked people on Twitter how they'd spend that $600. Here are some of their replies. Add yours in the comments section below.

  • "(Buy) one share of APPL, the only thing on the list that will appreciate in value." @LV_DG
  • "Fix the check engine light on my old Subaru." @Duck42L
  • "Why not go all American with what's still made here: Beer and Strippers." @BarryGoldwater
  • "Before the iPad, I might have said I'd blow $600 on a pair of Manolo Blahniks. But that retina screen looks too enticing." @coombscnbc (Our own Bertha Coombs)
  • "How about one visit to the pediatrician and a movie for my daughter. No $ left for popcorn." @mglabrie
  • "Learn where Obama plans next govt investment in green energy. SHORT that stock...make a fortune when it goes bankrupt." @petyaczar
  • "Donate 100 to animal shelter, 100 to mom/dad just cause, 100 to underprivileged kid for stuff, 300 to booze up & celebrate!" @rewashednews
  • "According to the Mayan calendar the world is ending...splurge on what gives you a thrill." @goodgreekgirl

And that's exactly what some wanted to do, splurge:

  • "Two years of skiing at Big Bear." @jeremyhobson (of Marketplace Morning Report)
  • "A couple cases of Woodford Reserve??" @TraderRLH
  • "Very small down payment on a memory foam mattress or several boxes of newly stocked Broncos Tebow jerseys." @MarkyMarcelus
  • "1/2 case of Opus One." @davebargmann
  • "10 bottles of Johnny Walker Black, 5 of Gold or 2 of Blue." @douglas_blake

Finally, this may have been the wisest advice of all:

  • "Buy the ipad there is an app for everything else." @Seagars

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