LinkedIn, Baker Hughes Plus Other Pops & Drops

Find out what’s going up, what’s going down and whether our traders would double down, fade or run in the other direction!

LinkedIn popped .
The catalyst: Goldman Sachs upgraded Linkedin to a "buy" rating, citing factors such as strong demand for its hiring-related services.
The trade: "On a valuation basis it’s expensive," says trader Brian Stutland. "I'd stay away."

Baker Hughes dropped .
The catalyst: "Baker Hughes said profit margins will contract from 19% to 13%," explains Joe Terranova.
The trade: "Although the stock was $80 in July and now trades around $46, I’d stay away," Terranova counsels.

Chesapeake dropped .
The catalyst: "It’s a play on the Utica shale, (which is buried below the Marcellus shale), explains trader Steve Grasso. Many think it contains oil and natural gas liquids.
The trade: "There are other ways to leverage it. I’d rather do it with CRZO," says Grasso.

Deutsche Bank dropped
The catalyst: According to the WSJ, the bank said in its annual report that it faces nearly $4 billion in "remote" legal risks related to litigation in the U.S. and elsewhere.
The trade: "I’m short DB," reveals trader Steve Cortes. "I prefer US financials. I’m long Goldman and short DB against it."

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