Goldman’s Bullish Market Call Makes Aggressive Assumption

Fast Money Portfolio
Fast Money Portfolio

Goldman Sachs is certainly bullish on the markets. The firm says stocks currently present the buying opportunity of a lifetime.

“The prospects for future returns in equities relative to bonds are as good as they have been in a generation,” wrote Peter Oppenheimer, the firm’s chief global equities strategist, in the 40- page strategy paper.

“Given current valuations, we think it’s time to say a ‘long good bye’ to bonds, and embrace the ‘long good buy’ for equities as we expect them to embark on an upward trend over the next few years.”

But, as with any story, there’s always another side.

Keff Kronthal, managing partner and co-CIO at KLS Diversified Asset Management says there's something about Goldman's call investors should know.

“If you look at the last page of their report they cite 10-year growth from 2010 to 2019 of 4.3% globally. I really struggle with that assumption.”

In fact, he struggles so much he's can't get behind the Goldman call.

"Goldman's assumption of 4.3% is very aggressive,” he says. If you agree, then buying stocks might not be the opportunity of a lifetime after all.

Rather than stocks, Kronthal suggests looking at alternative areas of the bond market, specifically higher yield loan funds. “I think if you can buy triple B commercial real estate 10-year debt that yields 8.25%, I think that’s pretty attractive,” he says.

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