John Edwards Denies He Was 'Involved with Any Prostitute'

John Edwards Mugshot
Source: US Dept of Justice
John Edwards Mugshot

An attorney for John Edwards issued a statement strongly denying a story on the website DNAInfo, a website that reports on New York news stories.

"Mr. Edwards categorically denies that he was involved with any prostitute or service. These allegations are false, defamatory, and he puts those who would publish or repeat them on notice that they acting with actual malice by reporting or repeating them. He has demanded a complete retraction from the only source being quoted," the attorney said.

Readers with good memories may notice a certain similarity to an earlier statement from Edwards.

"The story is false. It's completely untrue, ridiculous," Edwards told reporters in 2007 after he was asked about a National Enquirer story alleging an extra-marital affair. "I've been in love with the same woman for 30-plus years and as anybody who's been around us knows, she's an extraordinary human being, warm, loving, beautiful, sexy and as good a person as I have ever known. . . . So the story's just false."

In 2008, Edwards admitted that he had had an affair with Reille Hunter, a woman he had hired to make a documentary about his 2006 campaign.

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