Andy Samberg's New Video Is an Adventure

Andy Samberg
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Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg dives into his latest venture as an investor in CanaryHop, a sort-of do-it-yourself travel site for the adventure-minded.

Samberg has not only invested in the site, he created and starred in — what else — a video that is nothing if not Sambergesque in its depicting what CanaryHop offers users. Although you may not wake up being able to speak a foreign language, throw knives with pinpoint accuracy or charm a cobra, you will most assuredly come out the other end learning something new.

Samberg joined forces with co-founders Damon Spiegel and Brand Finefrock to create a travel site that allows users to create a travel experience tailored to their level of adventure.

The website describes itself as “a marketplace for activities, tours, lessons, and experiences, and categorizes users as either Canaries — those that sign up to guide or host — and Hoppers, or travelers.

Canaries upload activities and book the trip. Hoppers search the listings to find trips that interest them. Canaries and Hoppers alike post to the blog letting readers know what is offered and how they have benefitted from participating. The site is adding trips daily, and current destinations include Vancouver, New Zealand, Bangkok and Malibu.

Even if your idea of adventure is limited to lounging in the backyard by the pool, you can at least enjoy Samberg’s video. Take a look:

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