Banks in Best Shape in Three Decades: Dick Bove

Banks are in the best financial shape they've been in three decades, and noted banking analyst Dick Bove said he will continue to recommend bank shares in the second quarter.

"For the last few years we've been dealing with this situation where people buy financial stocks in October and sell them in May," the Rochdale Securities vice president told CNBC Wednesday. But "these companies are doing extremely well" right now.

"Everything is going right" for banks, including loan growth, trading income, and pre-tax earnings, Bove said. Earnings have been up for the last 10 quarters year-over-year and "they are going to do it again for the eleventh," he said, adding that the banks are "in the best shape in three decades."

Bove has been recommendingbank stocks for years, and has been predicting a 25 percent surge in the sector this year. He has “buy” ratings on JP Morgan Chase , Citigroup and Bank of America , and will keep them as “buys” into the next quarter because he sees them continuing to grow.

Here's why: "If you take a look at the prices of those stocks relative to the book value of those companies, you’ll see that in many cases they’re selling at significant discounts to book value," Bove said.

"Then if you look at book value and you compare it to the cash in the company, what you will see is the cash in the company in many cases exceeds book value. The stocks are not just selling at a discount to book value, they’re selling at a discount to cash."

Bove defended his criticism of the media coverage of the Goldman Sachs executive who resigned and claimed the company put profits before customers in a New York Timesop-ed. Bove said the media put too much stress on the comments of one disgruntled, lower-level employee.

The media "don’t talk about the fact that Goldman Sachs' fundamental operations are getting stronger and stronger. They're setting people up to sell this stock, when at the same time [Goldman] could have a blowout quarter on the upside," Bove said.

He concluded, "If Goldman Sachs has a problem, their earnings will go down. If Goldman Sachs does not have a problem, if their business model is sound, if their customers like doing business with them, their earnings will go up."

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