Your Questions About... Starbucks, Micron and More

The Fast Money traders always love hearing from you.

On Wednesday they tackled your questions about Starbucks and other Q1 hot stocks as well as call activity in Micron.

Check out what they have to say:



Q: Do you believe that the hot stocks of 1st qtr $SBUX $AAPL $CMG pull back after window dressing time.

A: "You can certainly say that," replies trader Brian Kelly. "And after a 2-3% pullback, I like them all. "



Q: What do you make of the $MU Apr 10 Call activity over the past several days?

A: "I’m seeing more buying of the Apr 10 calls," replies trader Brian Stutland. "That’s bullish. I always look for upside call activity (to determine bullish sentiment).



Q: Ask Steve if he took off AAPL short

A: "I did not," replies trader Steve Cortes. "But I’m not short outright, I’m short against long Google. That trade went against me but now it’s coming back my way. I think the Street was almost unanimous in its opinion that Apple would catch Google in price, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.



Q:BAC , C , JPM are all below 8x P/E and well below book! But Joe T says sell because they’re down?!

A: "When did I ever say that?!" replies Terranova. "What I said was, last week go long (as a play on the chase into quarter's end) and now I’m saying pare back – in other words sell off some of the winners. However, looking forward to April -- financial stocks are one of the places I will go again.

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