Could Fed Minutes Roil Markets?

If you're betting on upside, eat lightly. A potent catalyst could roil markets on Tuesday.

We’re hearing the latest Fed minutes, scheduled to be released Tuesday around 2pm, could give bulls upset stomach.

That’s because the minutes may show that dissent is growing inside the Fed – that a growing number of policy makers are growing skeptical of Ben Bernanke’s very accommodating market policies.

Of course, that’s not new. Already on CNBC two Fed officials have all but said the Fed has done enough. The Street knows there’s dissent at the Fed.

So, why could the Fed minutes roil markets?

It’s not what the Street knows, explains top hedge fund manager Anthony Scaramucci, it’s what the Street is starting to remember.

“In November 2010 the Fed induced QE2and markets rallied. And then they pulled it in June 2011 and by the end of summer the market had started to retrace badly,” he says.

And the Street is starting to worry history may repeat itself.

“Operation Twist is scheduled to end in a few months," he reminds. And with the market always looking forward, the Fed minutes could send at least some investors to the sidelines, now.

Sentiment on the Street is starting to feel as if, "We’ve got to be very careful when Twist comes off at the end of June,” says Scarmaucci.

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