Start-Up Snatchly Is a Pinterest for Porn

Julia Savchenko | Vetto | Getty Images

The male demographic hasn't really caught on with the whole "Pinterest phenomenon" of "pinning" images to an online board and sharing them. ButSnatchly, a Pinterest like start-up website, seems to of found a way to get guys into "pinning" pictures by, you guessed it, making the site a "virtual pornboard."

Basically, the site works the same way Pinterest does by allowing the user to "pin," or in Snatchly's case, "snatch" the image and post to a virtual board where the image is shared.

There are of course other Pinterest imitators out there that focus on the male audience but tone down the sexual content (and are safe for cubicle dwellers browsing the web), including Manterest and Gentlemint. But Snatchly has gathered some noticeable momentum.

So far the site has registered more than 15,000 users, according to a report by VentureBeat. Not bad for a site that only just launched in mid-February.

Hat Tip: VentureBeat