#MegaMillions in 140 Characters or Less

Mega Millions fever took over the nation today, including Twitter, where users shared their thoughts on how they’d spend the $640 million jackpot in 140 characters or less.

The tweets ranged from serious investment strategies to the absurd.

The oil and gas executive Boone Pickens wrote:

@pourmecoffee, known for political and financial humor, poked fun at Goldman Sachs:

Not to be outdone, @IvanTheK, whose Twitter bio describes him as a "recovering" M&A and capital markets guru, opted for market-related humor:

Even the Bronx Zoo Cobra emerged after a 7-day hiatus to join in the fun:

Mega Millions has been a trending topic throughout the day thanks to Twitter's more than 140 million active monthly users. They'll surely will be watching and waiting as the #megamillions deadline draws near.