Want to Wear Tim Tebow's Nike Jersey? It'll Cost You

Nike unveiled 32 redesigned professional uniforms as part of a five-year partnership with the National Football League announced Tuesday, and wearing what the pros wear won't be cheap.

Coming at the end of the month, tied to the NFL player draft, will be what Nike President Charlie Denson told CNBC are "actual game" jerseys, which have a tighter fit and cost $250 each.

Also coming are more "fan-friendly" jerseys with a looser fit and a lower price — $100. If you want a fit between tight and friendly, there will be a limited-time hybrid jersey in July. Denson did not give a price for this one.

It has been a good week for the Nike brand, Denson said. Besides the new NFL agreement there was the hoopla over the newest member of the New York Jets, quarterback Tim Tebow, and the University of Kentucky won the NCAA college basketball championship in Nike gear Monday.

And Tiger Woodswas wearing Nike duds when he won the Bay Hill golf tournament. Denson said Woods will "play a major role" in Nike advertising.

Denson said the company continues to see pressure on its margins from such costs as material and labor, but that can be "mitigated through pricing."

"We have taken our prices up across the board and seen a good response from the public," he said.

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